Jason Jackson was born April 26, 1971 in Riverhead, NY. He graduated from Ithaca College in Ithaca, NY and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Clinical Science in 1993 and a Master of Science in Physical Therapy in 1994.  He started out as a self-taught photographer and continued to hone his technical skills taking various classes and workshops in New York City. This led to him being invited to various educational and tutorial workshops and retreats hosted by the Sony Alpha photography community and collective photography groups. 
Jason balances his photography interests between Fine Art, Street, and Travel genres in addition to more structured studio work which focuses on photographing fashion and lifestyle imagery. In addition to this, under the name “Erotiese”,  Mr. Jackson focuses on capturing the image of the male form in unique yet authentic ways that both reinforce and challenge the way we perceive masculinity.  At the present time Jason is represented by LeonidesArts NY, an artist run multi-media visual arts organization dedicated to presenting contemporary art exhibitions and/or public art projects that reflects a variety of distinct themes, disciplines, and cultural experiences outside of the conventional art gallery tenet.
Jason’s work has been recently featured in the annual multi-disciplinary LGBTQ event “EVERYBOOTY” at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in 2018. Mr. Jackson was also chosen to be a part of select group to participate in ARTROOMS LONDON (2019), an international art exhibition and innovative art fair supporting independent artists from all over the world. His work is now in private collections both in the US and internationally. 



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